Christmas is coming! October 17, 2015 19:37

Hello everyone!

I'm back at work full time, but I'm still busy with CuddleCreatures! check out some of the more recent items I've sewn up! From newborns to adults, I sew for everyone!

Christmas is fast approaching, since I'm back at work, I sew in the evenings and on weekends. If you want to get someone special something unique, one-of-a-kind and specially made just for them, get your orders in quick! Last year I got very busy in December and had to give dates after Christmas for delivery for some orders.

I offer $10 flannel pillow cases for fun, comfy, practical, all-ages stocking stuffers!!

I welcome special requests, one of a kind items and challenges!


Amazing fabrics!! July 02, 2015 16:25

We've gotten a lot of new and amazing prints in just in time for some summer sewing! These are all amazing, what can I sew for you?

Kids grow up too fast! June 18, 2015 15:36

I find it amazing how fast my little one is growing up. It seems like just yesterday he was just a little baby. 

CuddleCreatures has gotten a lot of new knits in lately, so I decided to show off what they look like all sewn up! I can't wait to put them on Tommy and see the adorableness!

I'm particularly excited about the romper, I love rompers, a shirt and bottom all in one piece, someday I'll make myself one!

Fabulous new fabrics!!! June 15, 2015 14:22

New fabrics are constantly coming in and here are a few of our latest additions!!!


There are  two new Harry Potter style prints, one is a multi coloured argyle type print that combines all the house colours! The other is more mature and is more about the wizarding world rather than Hogwarts.

We have a wonderful old style map print and some very colourful scales. Also just in are some rainbow ponies with the matching stripe fabric.

All these fabrics will make great clothing for the whole family! In the next few days and weeks I'll be sewing up some garments so you can all see how awesome these fabrics really are!


How Cuddle Creatures recommends you care for your diapers! May 22, 2015 15:11

There are many different opinions of the "proper" way to clean cloth diapers. Back in our grand-mother's day, they just used mainstream detergent and bleach. When the cloth diaper movement went from mainstream to "crunchy", a wave of anti-detergent advice hit the scene and many very convoluted wash routines were made up to deal with all the problems of not using an effective detergent to wash pee and poo. The tide seems to be turning though, even large cloth diaper companies who sell their own, expensive and not very effective, detergents are now starting to remove the text in their warranty that voids it if you wash their diapers in mainstream detergent.

Here in this household, when we first started using cloth diapers we were advised to use a certain laundry soap who shall remain nameless. While baby was exclusively breastfed everything worked fine but one solids were introduced, stink quickly became a recurring problem. After some research we tried a bunch of different soaps and detergent and are now happily in love with Tide powder!

With the washing instructions below, I rarely have to strip my diapers and have bright white non-stained diapers that have been in use for over two years now, as well as diapers that I got used who are back to their white brilliance!

I will address stripping in a future blog post as every once in a while it needs to be done, and whenever you buy some previously used cloth, you should really bring them back to step one and avoid any possible issues!

Below are the instructions that will soon accompany all our cloth diapers!


How to prep your brand-new diaper for first use!

Pocket Diaper: simply wash and dry the diaper. The diaper should be put in the dryer on high heat for at least 30 mins to seal sewing holes.

Inserts: Wash and dry inserts 3 to 4 times. Our inserts are made from all natural fibers and will not reach their maximum absorbency until they’ve been washed a few times.


Suggested Washing Method

Everyone has different water and different washers, so there is no one-size-fits-all washing routine. General guidelines that CuddleCreatures suggests are:

  • If you have hard water, add a water softener to your wash (Calgon, Borax, Washing Soda).
  • Pre-rinse your diapers on cold with little or no detergent to get rid of most of the waste.
  • When ready to wash use a mainstream detergent with no fabric softener. (Gain, Tide, Kirkland, etc)
  • Using a full scoop of your chosen detergent, run a heavy wash on hot (unless using cold water detergent). (I add a bit of Oxi-Clean powder to my detergent on heavily soiled loads)
  • No extra rinses are required unless your diapers are slimy (If they are, try using slightly less detergent). If you have hard water, do not run an extra rinse as that will just add to the mineral build up problem.
  • Dry either in dryer (no dryer sheet or fabric softener) or hang.

And remember, the Sun is a great stain fighter so hang them outside once-in-a-while to keep them white!

In order to preserve the elasticity of your diapers, do not handle hot diapers from the dryer too much.

To preserve the PUL, do not stuff hot diapers, let them cool first.

I love unique orders! May 20, 2015 09:58

This past week I had a great request!! A customer came to me wanting to embroider a poem onto a handkerchief. After discussing the possibilities, we agreed to embroider the poem on a separate piece of fabric and then sew that on the handkerchief so that the back of the embroidery would not show. 

It's a beautiful poem and a great keepsake! Pleased with the results the customer then asked me if I could make a birthday shirt for her little one! She sent me an example of the style and colours she wanted and I created a mock up on my computer. After a few tweaks, it was time to embroider and applique!! I just love the final result!

I did nick the bottom of the shirt, so I added a colour band, turned into a happy mistake because I really like it, it just jazzes up the shirt a bit!

I love projects where I can really let my creativity flow! This was great fun!

Tons of Tee-shirts! May 18, 2015 17:10

We've just posted a ton of new T-shirts of all sizes available to our store. Come check them out!!

Summer's on it's way, time for shorts! May 14, 2015 19:35

Hello everyone!

Now that summer is approaching we've been experimenting with making shorts and we think we're on to something!

They're made almost the same way as our popular Grow-With-You pants but, of course, the legs are shorter.

We've been testing them out on Tommy with great results. Here are some images of our test article.

We are now accepting custom order requests for shorts so let us know which fabric you'd like and we'll see what we can do!!


We now have an online store! May 01, 2015 10:16

Hello and welcome to CuddleCreatures!

We've just opened our online store so bear with us for a little while. It's a lot of work to populate an online store, there are product shots to be taken, blogs to write in, descriptions to post and all kinds of other behind-the-scenes things to do! Don't worry though, we have plenty of items to post and they will all make it onto this store eventually so watch this space!

As always, if you have any custom requests feel free to contact us either on our Facebook page or directly by email.

Thanks for stopping by!!