I love unique orders! May 20, 2015 09:58

This past week I had a great request!! A customer came to me wanting to embroider a poem onto a handkerchief. After discussing the possibilities, we agreed to embroider the poem on a separate piece of fabric and then sew that on the handkerchief so that the back of the embroidery would not show. 

It's a beautiful poem and a great keepsake! Pleased with the results the customer then asked me if I could make a birthday shirt for her little one! She sent me an example of the style and colours she wanted and I created a mock up on my computer. After a few tweaks, it was time to embroider and applique!! I just love the final result!

I did nick the bottom of the shirt, so I added a colour band, turned into a happy mistake because I really like it, it just jazzes up the shirt a bit!

I love projects where I can really let my creativity flow! This was great fun!