About Us

Hi, we're Mike and Claude, the people behind CuddleCreatures. 

I'm Mike. I take care of the business side of the company including the website and accounting but the real magic behind CuddleCreatures is Claude.

Claude is a seamstress and attended the Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design. She also has a 2-year Visual Art diploma from the Ottawa School of Art as well as a Master's of Economics from Carleton University.

A few years ago, while Claude was pregnant with with our son Tommy, she started to knit cute stuffed animals that people really loved. She started a small side-business and sold a few to friends and family. Once we had our son Tommy, we found that we were disappointed with the lack of original and funky patterns found on most commercial cloth diapers. We wanted our geek colours to fly and most cloth diapers we found were basic colours like white, green or light blue.

As a result Claude decided to start making her own cloth diapers using neat fabric she found online. Some of the early prototype diapers were functional but they were not very aesthetically pleasing. After testing many iterations on Tommy, Claude has now perfected the design of our cloth diapers. In fact, our friends and family liked them so much we decided to start our own business called CuddleCreatures and we started selling them online in 2014.

We've expanded our product line as requests flooded in from Facebook and geek shows for Claude to use the same fabric to make pants and shirts for children, and even T-shirts and other items for grown-up kids! We now make a line of children's wear and adult clothing and we also refurbish older diapers so you can continue using your favourite diapers that you already own. We also love to accept custom requests and aren't afraid to try new things!

With new materials and better designs, Claude's washable diapers are easier to use than ever. Not only do they save you money over time as a parent but they're also better for the environment because they won't end up in the landfill after each use. Our children's clothing will also save you money of the long term. Everyone with kids knows that they grow really fast. Something that fit last month may not fit tomorrow! That's why Claude makes our 'Grow-With-You' Pants. They're made out of the same kinds of unique and original fabrics but are designed to expand as your kid grows allowing you to keep the same pair of pants for months longer than conventional store-bought clothes.

Claude sources all of our fabric from limited-run, independent fabric suppliers so we have rare and unique patterns that you won't see anywhere else! The good news is that you are almost guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind item. The bad news is that if you see something on our store that you love you should buy it because even though we buy as much of a particular fabric as we can, chances are we won't be able to get the exact same fabric again later. Once it's gone, it's gone.

That said, Claude is always on the lookout for unique, new, and interesting patterns and we are more than happy to cater to whatever fandom you're into. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll try to find you something you'll love.

Everything we sell is hand-made by Claude and each design has been tested and perfected with the help of our son Tommy. We offer a variety of sizes, styles, and fastener-types and we hope you'll find something that you like!

Our focus now is mainly on children's wear and cloth diapers but Claude loves to experiment and try new patterns so if you'd like to her make a shirt, dress, or even underwear in your favourite Dr. Who (or whatever!) fabric, she's more than happy to!

We're located in Ottawa, Canada but ship to anywhere in North America. We also offer free personal-delivery to anywhere in the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau).