Angry Birds Pattern 1-Size, Hidden PUL Diaper (Hook & Loop)

$30.00 $33.00

This is a hidden PUL one-size-fits-all diaper that is adjustable using snaps to ensure a proper fit on your child.

This diaper will fit babies from a few months (although not a newborn) old to a few years old! It features a hook-and-loop closure with an area on the inside of each flap to secure the hook-and-loop for the wash so that is doesn't stick to things it isn't supposed to. The inside is a micro fleece that wicks away moisture from your child's skin keeping them more comfortable. The elastics in the back and around each leg opening help prevent leaks both out the side and up the back.

Each of our diapers comes with a soaker pad that slides into the diaper's pocket. Extra soakers are also available for sale separately.

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