Sunshine Hidden PUL 1-Size Diaper (Snaps)


The waterproof PUL is hidden so you can have any knit cotton fabric you want for a totally unique diaper! Show off your geeky side!

This diaper is a 1-Size diaper which means it'll fit your child from a few months old to a few years old. A series of snaps down the front allow you to adjust the size as your child grows ensuring you always have a nice fit. The snap closures don't stick to anything else in the wash and we've included female snaps on outside of each flap to allow you to overlap them for when your child is still really small so you can get the longest use possible out of this diaper.

Good elastics around each leg and in the back provide a close fit and help prevent leaks in those areas so you won't have to worry about things escaping the diaper and making a mess. The diaper features a pocket for the included soaker pad and additional soakers are available for sale separately if you decide you want to have a few extras on hand just in case!

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